Petals to the Metal Earrings - Length Guide

This information will help you better understand what length of Petals to the Metal earrings you'd like to order! 


2 Petals Long:  2"L x 3/4"W

3 Petals Long:  2-1/4"L x 3/4"W

4 Petals Long:  2-1/2"L x 3/4"W

5 Petals Long:  2-3/4"L x 3/4"W

6 Petals Long:  3"L x 3/4" W

7 Petals Long:  3-1/4"L x 3/4"

Each additional set of petals I add on equates to approximately 1/4" of additional length. Width remains the same regardless of length.