Petals to the Metal Earrings - Length Guide

Petals to the Metal earrings are available in a variety of lengths. If you'd like a length other than the ones shown in the listing, just make a note with your order and we'll send you an email invoice for the difference in cost.

How do I choose the best length for me? Petals to the Metal earrings are made in various lengths to complement every face shape and hair length. Wear your hair short or up? Consider longer strands that’ll accentuate your neck beautifully. If your hair is long enough to cover your ears, go for larger, longer clusters that’ll pop against the backdrop of your strands. Have fun combining different styles and shapes to suit your looks and moods!

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2 petals long = 2 inches, $88.00

3 petals long = 2-1/4 inches, $132.00

4 petals long = 2-1/2 inches, $176.00

5 petals long = 2-3/4 inches, $220.00

6 petals long = 3 inches, $264.00

7 petals long = 3-1/4 inches, $308.00