"What you don't know is that sweater is not just blue..."

What fashion-lover will ever forget the primer in blue so crisply delivered by Miranda Priestley in "The Devil Wears Prada"?  

This spring fashion is truly inclusive, with a blue for everyone. 

  • Island Paradise is a refreshing aqua that calls to mind a change of scenery. A cool blue-green shade, it speaks to our dream of the great escape. Island Paradise is emblematic of tropical settings and our desire to unwind.
  • Niagara is comfortable and dependable and according to the PANTONE Fashion Color Report, it's the most prevalent color for spring 2017. Niagara is a classic denim-like blue that speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation.
  • Lapis Blue conveys even more energy. It is strong and confident, an intense blue shade that's imbued with an inner radiance.

Here at Diana Ferguson Jewelry, we've paired these three blues, along with several other key spring shades, with OPI's Fiji Collection to create our Limited Edition Spring Indulgence Box. Check it out here


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