Serendipity Necklace No. 1 - Shibori Blue

So I am back at my beadwork again. This necklace is the result of an experiment in geometric beadwork "warped squares." Once I had the squares, I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with them. My recent play with memory wire suggested they should be strung on that substrate -- because my customers have been loving the no-clasp aspect of it and the fact that the choker length looks fabulous on EVERYONE (who knew?) But then what? Rummaging through my studio, I came across a stash of clear acrylic beads and some very cool silvertone beads. Somehow, it all magically came together. Serendipity Necklace No. 1 is the result. 

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Serendipity Necklace No. 1



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