Yes, You Can Wear Yellow!

Marie Claire has called yellow the season's coolest color. Yet, as much as we love it, it can be hard to wear, right? That's what we thought. But after perusing multitudes of fashion and style blogs, we learned that yellow can look great on anyone with just a few simple styling tips. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for adding yellow into your look. 

  • Light to fair skin tones will look best with mustard and dark yellows.
  • Medium to olive complexions will glow with bright and vibrant yellows.
  • Tan and black skin tones look good in almost any shade of yellow.
  • Yellow is made for redheads and porcelain-skinned, blue eyed beauties.
  • If you've opted for a bold yellow dress, keep your makeup minimalistic. 
  • Yellow requires a strong color to stand up to. Try gray with mustard. 
  • Let one or two simple yellow accessories pop. A tote, heels or both. 

    yellow bag and shoes

    • Break it up! Try a yellow print instead of a solid. 
    • Tone down yellow with black. 
    • Wear a pale yellow cardigan with a summery white dress. 
    • Yellow slacks paired with a bright white top looks crisp and cool. 

      yellow slacks with white top

      • Wear yellow as a fun accessory or embellishment. Like this:  

      Bonnes Vibration Scarf from Hermes

      Bonne Vibration Scarf by Hermes

      • Fold it into your athleisure -- think yellow racing stripes.
      • Barely there yellows with cream and white are always lovely!
      • Try pairing yellow with black and one other color, like coral.

      We hope these tips help! Be on the lookout for a super fun Diana Ferguson Jewelry promotion coming in mid-May that will totally help you incorporate yellow and other bold colors into your summer look!


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