A New Obsession...

In what should be a surprise to no one, I've found myself enamored with a new (for me) alternative material -- resin. After numerous experiments and tests, I've been able to create some beautiful color-centric pendants and earrings, and remain excited by the color possibilities and technical challenges ahead. 

Resin is an alternative material frequently used in mixed media jewelry. You'll find resin jewelry at retailers like Neiman Marcus and online venues like ArtfulHome.com. A well known practitioner is Susan Lenart Kazmer.Historically, some of the earliest experiments with resin-based jewelry are evidenced in the now highly collectible Bakelite. 

My resin of choice is ICE Resin, a crystal clear, two part archival resin. I also enjoy Resin Obsession Crystal Clear Resin (also two part, archival), which has a thinner viscosity and is less prone to pesky air bubbles. Each has its place. For pigments, I'm working with everything from Golden's high flow acrylic paints to alcohol inks to pearlized powder pigments to organics like cayenne pepper. 

I'm looking forward to creating more color-blocked pieces like my Orca Circle in a Circle Pendant (below,) and have several resin painting pendants in the works. 

The Orca Circle in a Circle Pendant was fabricated using two discreet sterling silver bezels that I filled with black and white hand-pigmented resin. The front is glossy and reflects light beautifully, while the back displays a textured matte finish. See measurement and purchasing details here

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