The Color of Fashion

  • "What you don't know is that sweater is not just blue..."

    What fashion-lover will ever forget the primer in blue so crisply delivered by Miranda Priestley in "The Devil Wears Prada"?  This spring fashion is being truly inclusive, with a blue for everyone.  View Post
  • Foodie alert: Could this be your new favorite cocktail?

    I love cocktails, don't you? To me, they're the epitome of stylish good times. Here is one just perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Disclaimer: you probably need to know your way around a kitchen for this one.  

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  • Yes, You Can Wear Yellow!

    Marie Claire has called yellow the season's coolest color. Yet, as much as we love it, it can be hard to wear, right? That's what we thought. But after perusing multitudes of fashion and style blogs, we learned that yellow can look great on anyone with just a few simple styling tips.  Here are s... View Post