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Diana Ferguson Jewelry

Diana Ferguson Jewelry is the home of Petals to the Metal™, Circle Games™  and GEOMETRY!™. My jewelry designs have been published in Art Jewelry Magazine, Wirework Magazine and Lark Books' 1000 Beads and Showcase 500 Art Necklaces.
Marsala Dangle Earrings from the Petals to the Metal Collection
Petals to the Metal™ and GEOMETRY!™ reflect my passion for transforming modest materials (artist-made paper embellished with my surface design + alternative metals) into beautiful and distinctive art jewelry for women of style.
Circle Games™ is a singular line of hand-woven precious and/or alternative metal chainmaille jewelry for men and women.
Selections from the Circle Games Collection by Diana Ferguson


Black & White Aubrey Earrings from the Petals to the Metal Collection


A Riot of Flora Scroll Necklace